Jesus gave his followers the mission to make disciples, teaching them to walk in his ways in an abundant life lived close to him that would show the world what he is like.

The main way we live out that mission of making disciples in everyday life is through what we call missional communities. These groups of 8-20ish people are truly the primary organizing structure of Soma. It’s where we experience living as brothers and sisters with God as our dad. It’s where we serve one another and our neighbors as King Jesus loved and served us. It’s where we work together, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to make life all about Jesus, talking about the good news of Jesus and demonstrating that good news in tangible ways.

We believe the mission of making disciples as the Bible defines it demands lots of life lived together, not just a couple hours on a Sunday. The Bible’s New Testament is full of “one another” commands – love one another, bear one another’s burdens, teach one another, forgive one another, encourage one another, serve one another. And Jesus says making disciples involves teaching others to

What is a Missional Community like?

A 15 minute look at a Missional Community of some close brothers and sisters in Tacoma.

Missional communities are the primary way we connect with others and live out the mission to make disciples of Jesus. For us, the missional community is the primary organizing structure of the church. These smaller groups of people (8-20ish) provide an opportunity to know others and be known within Soma. Through these relationships, we mutually challenge and encourage one another to truly believe our identity in Christ and live life in everyday rhythms that show the world who God truly is.

Each missional community has identified their unique mission within the larger community and meets regularly to eat, learn, pray and be together on mission, living out the gospel in real and tangible expressions.

Whether you consider yourself part of the Soma family—or if you’re just checking out what it looks like to live as Jesus lived—it is our desire that everyone would be an active member in one of these communities that bring life, healing and growth.

We desire to see Federal Way so saturated with Jesus’s people, the church (not just us but the Church) that everyday every person gets to hear about and experience Jesus through his people.